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So the weather is delaying yet another flight. Nothing terrible mind you, just some drizzle and a low overcast. Private Pilots are in the pilot's lounge having a cup of coffee waiting for the weather to clear, but your client in El Paso is waiting too. But he's not waiting on a little rain, he's waiting to close the deal! What to do?

That's where the instrument rating really goes to work for you. File an IFR flight plan, and with your specific skillset, you can safely navigate your airplane through the drizzle, past the cloud deck and into the clear above while others remain grounded... relegated to telling tall tales in the hangar yet again.

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Much like your private started out with the basic fundamentals of flight... so too will your instrument training begin with the basic blocks meant to build your skills at maneuvering the aircraft by reference to the flight instruments.

Sure, you'll learn things like holding pattern entry, instrument approaches to minimums, IFR emergencies, but we will be climbing these stairs one step at a time. It wont be easy, but nothing worthwhile is, and goal oriented people like yourself do big things, they dont just sit and ponder.

Starting with pattern A and B, a maneuver set meant to teach you not only how to control your aircraft with ZERO outside reference, but to maintain control of the aircraft and interpret the instrument indications throughout the flight. Then we move to applying these lessons to the real world of approaches, arrivals and holding patterns.

It's important for a pilot... especially an instrument rated pilot to remember; "a superior pilot uses his superior judgement to keep him out of situations requiring the use of his superior skills" an old adage that bears repeating to every student. 

Instrument training is as much about learning how the instruments work, how to read them, and how to use them to get the job done as it is about learning discretion, good judgement and restraint. 

SkySchool of East Texas is here to help you rise above the cloud deck. 

Start your Instrument training today!

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