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Of East Texas


Whether you take to the sky for business, pleasure, or the exhilaration of a weekend adventure, SkySchool of East Texas is here.

Here to put you in the pilot seat. Build you up. Take our years of experience, knowledge and training and mold you into the safest, most competent and capable aviator you can be.

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Your aviation experience begins with phase one, initial training. During this time, you will learn the basic fundamentals. Maneuvers intended to build fluid muscle memory, in depth understanding, and superior skill. Throughout the process you will learn of the sciences and secrets of the aviation world. This phase culminates in the first of many milestones... your first solo flight!

Enter phase two. Navigation. You will plan the flight, and fly the plan. Work with your instructor, preflight briefing specialists and Air Traffic Control to successfully navigate your airplane from point A to point B.

You will become a master of "Pilotage and Dead Reckoning" - estimating course by plotter and slide rule, carefully calculating wind correction, ground speed and accounting for magnetic variation of the Earth's magnetic field. You will also learn radio based and GPS based navigation. Ultimately finding the way yourself in the next milestone... solo cross country flying!


Finally, phase three... the final preparations for the moment you've been training for. All of your hard work, dedication, commitment and self discovery are about to pay off. 

It's time for your check-ride. You will test. During this test your will rise above, demonstrate mastery of self, mastery of machine, and dominion over the sky.

You will soar.

But, like all great adventures... you have to take the first step if the destination is to be reached. 

SkySchool of East Texas is here to guide you all the way!

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