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Of East Texas

Athens Municipal Airport

Athens, Texas



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The 2024 AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey Report is in, and we are happy to report that SkySchool of East Texas outscored the national average for *every single metric* which measures flight school performance!

You're carrying your friends, your family, and your paying customers aloft! When it comes to learning to fly and developing your skillset and knowledge base, your instructor's dedication and experience matter!

The experience you have with your flight school and your instructor has to be a positive one. It has to be an experience which leaves you feeling confident, capable, competent, and above all... safe!

You have to walk out of the check ride with the certificate in hand feeling like you made the right choice when you selected your flight training provider!

Our structured approach goes beyond teaching you to fly, it is designed to mold you into a safe and capable aviator who is a calculated decision maker - confident in the skills you've obtained during your training with us. 

Read below to find out what our students have to say about us anonymously!

The following testimonials were provided from anonymous feedback surveys submitted by our students through the 2024 AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey Program.

"SkySchool has something few schools have... investment in their students. Not just to the extent of furthering the student's career in aviation, but for sharing General Aviation as a whole. They cut no corners, and they make the program about tailoring the syllabus to you, not just keeping things in a rote 'box'. The instructors at SkySchool are about more than passing you, they are about equipping you with the knowledge and skill you need to take to the skies! To sum it up in a few short words... SkySchool is about quality, not quantity!"

"Great group of folks at this flight school with tons of knowledge about the aviation world! Their genuine willingness and desire to see the students excel is second to none. Thank you SkySchool for such a great flight training experience. They still help me with questions or concerns long after I've completed my training."

"When I was a new student pilot, I had been taken advantage of  by a CFI who no longer instructs now days. They never followed a syllabus and often had me performing maneuvers that seemed to have nothing to do with the FAA's certification standards. I was a mess as a student and had no direction, and no real mentor to lean on. That all changed when I found SkySchool of East Texas! They immediately sprung into action and got me up to speed. They put a syllabus in front of me, and provided me a realistic timeline, and an estimated budget. What a refreshing and helpful new start to my goal! Thanks to SkySchool, I passed my check ride, i feel confident, safe, and happy as a Private Pilot! I am very grateful to SkySchool and their instructors for helping me achieve my goal.

Highly recommended!"

"The instructors are passionate and serious about teaching the science of flight, eloquently passing on years of experience in aviation to the students. They adapt to the student's needs regardless of experience level or learning style. The instructors are professional in the air and on the ground. I am thankful to have been referred to them, and would highly recommend SkySchool to anyone looking for any level of pilot certification"

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